Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response

When the alarm is triggered, the radio will send a signal directly thru to out control room and they will follow the necessary procedures.

Alarms Systems

We supply and install top quality Paradox alarm systems

CCTV cameras

Big brother is watching more than ever before.
CCTV entails the monitoring and/or recording of people, vehicles and goods to and from access points like gates, doors environments etc.

Gate Motors

Crime Stop does gate motor repairs, installations and supply of new gate motors. Let us find the perfect motor for your needs.

Electric Fencing

We supply and install electric fencing for properties. The fences can also be connected to alarm system that will be triggered when the fence is touched.

Bandit Security Fogging Systems

Fill any space with dense fog that reduces visibility to 10 cm to disorientate intruders, minimize damage and prevent loss. The fog does not damage property and is safe to breath.

Security Gates and Bars

We supply a range of Trellis security gates and fixtures, Econo bars and Swing Gates


We install hardwire and wireless intercoms for residential homes, complexes, commercial and industrial areas

Off-site CCTV monitoring

We provide 24 hour off site CCTV monitoring. We have a SAIDSA approved control room and our controllers are trained to identify suspicious persons or vehicles on premises and will immediately contact the armed reaction patrols to investigate.


We provide the services of unarmed gaurds for access control, site patrols, CCTV monitoring as well as dogs and handlers. Our guards can also assist with admin and vehicle fuel filling.

Pet Kennels

No more worries over who is going to look after your pets over the long weekend/holiday. Crime Stop has got an on site facility that can look after your cats and dogs.
Contact Bets Basson directly on

About Us

CRIME STOP originated in May 1995 due to a need in the community for crime prevention in general. This need could not be met due to shortage of manpower within the local SAPS. The main goal of the company/service at the time was Neighbourhood watch patrols.

CRIME STOP operates a fleet of 14 vehicles, engaged in pro-active patrols, alarm monitoring and response, technical installations and maintenance of security systems across a broad spectrum.

CRIME STOP offers a wealth of expertise in the security industry, and has a proven track record over the past 20 years in the Heidelberg and Nigel districts.

CRIME STOP is subcontracted to monitor and respond to clients of major security companies, i.e. Chubb, SA Alarms and Coin.

CRIME STOP is an integral component in the battle against Crime, and is committed to excellence.

CRIME STOP! Your one stop security solutions provider.

CRIME STOP also offers lodging for your pets, when you are on holiday.

Why Quality service?